One Little Word: July

I’m loving this project.  It’s feel good, it’s thought provoking and it is a journey.

This month, the challenge is to choose three aspects of your life (self care, care for others, celebrating) and to find something to action, something to do or something to improve in each of those areas of your life.  It is a task that is beautiful in its simplicity and in what you can actually achieve by taking three baby steps towards a bigger goal.

1. Self care.
This is one area that I’ve been both struggling with and working on lately.  I’ve been struggling with 2-3 ailments that I just can’t shake (including a sore back/neck, skin that can’t make up its mind what it is doing and a fractured finger).  Yet I’ve been working on getting back into running in a big way and getting myself fit and healthy.  It’s actually a hard combination to achieve.  I feel like when I get really fit and in a good routine, I then get sick and the wheels fall off.

This month my focus is to get into a wellbeing routine that has a mixture of running, netball and pilates.  I need to designate nights for things and come up with a plan.  For example, netball is usually on a Monday and I go every week because I’m part of a team. That works.  I need to schedule in running/pilates/dance/etc into specific times on specific nights and make this non-negotiable.  They are a commitment to my wellbeing in the same way netball is a commitment a team.   That’s what I’m going to work on.

2. Pay it forward.
I’ve noticed that I’m most radiant when I’m laughing and talking with friends.  I love those conversations that really keep you thinking, that move quickly and feature a little quick wit.  Recently I was talking (and laughing, always laughing) with my friend Hilary, an atheist and scientist, who was telling me about how she has begun saying, “Thank Darwin” or “OMD”, thanking science at times where other people might thank God.  Her beliefs are strongly grounded in science and it is something we often talk about.

I’d been thinking about learning how to cross stitch and when I was looking for a pattern, there were lots of religious references.  I was inspired to create this design and cross stitch it for Hilary, a reference to that ongoing conversation (which has now become part of our vernacular) and acknowledging her passion for science.  She loved it and giving it to her felt good.

photo (4)

3. Celebrate something.

photo (3)

I was pretty excited to see that part of the July prompt for One Little Word was a reminder to celebrate things. Any excuse, I say! Part of being happy and loving life is celebrating things and that is something that I try to capture here in my writing. This month I turned 30 and we are going to be celebrating with a party, featuring plenty of cake and fizz. And it’s tomorrow.  And I’m mega excited about it.  If you follow me on Instagram @lovehappydaily you will have already caught a few photos of the preparations and there will definitely be more as things take shape tomorrow!  Cross your fingers it doesn’t rain!

This is where I am at for this month and I’m in a good place. A happy place.  A radiant place.   And it’s awesome.

(And don’t worry, this post is going to be printed/rearranged somehow to make it into my OLW album and I’ll share when it’s done.)


Saying thank you

Today I want to express gratitude for the efforts of Sarah Von Bargen.

I came across Sarah through Elise’s podcast.  After listening, I took at look at Sarah’s website (where she makes people and businesses awesome on the Internet!) and enjoyed it so much that I decided to sign up for her newsletter.  After all, who doesn’t want to be made more awesome on the Internet, right?

Recently Sarah has released ‘Secret Weapon’ – a built-epecially-for-you checklist of ways to get more traffic to your website – and in her most recent newsletter, Sarah offered to take a look at readers’ blogs and give three action points of things that she thought would improve the traffic (and awesomeness) of the site.  You can bet that I’ve never replied to an email faster!

Today’s post is a way of saying thank you to Sarah for her thoughtful feedback.

I’m really grateful for her time and effort.

She did indeed check out my blog, my Instagram and my Pinterest and gave me three things to work on.  And they were good things. Very specific, very actionable. There are going to be more mentions of you guys, the bloggers I’m linking to.  You’re going to be able to discover more interesting pins.  You’re going to get pretty-and-header-matching-sidebar-buttons to help you find more of my posts that you might like to read (and really soon … I just need to narrow down the categories! What do you really like reading here? Tell me!)

And don’t forget to check out how Sarah could be your own personal secret weapon! 

Have a lovely weekend

photo (2)

I couldn’t help but share this picture of my amazing new bike that Dylan made for my birthday. I love it! And yep, he made it. It’s all made from recycled parts of old bikes and he spray painted it green for me. It is just divine.

Other interesting things that made me smile include:

Who knew wanting to dress like Nina Proudman was a thing?

What this father did is just amazing.

Have you seen this trick for riding a bike in a skirt without flashing everyone?

I bought this in pink last week and I’m loving it for my laptop.

When did doing things like a girl become an insult?

I have these for my 30th, but I might have to go back for these letters!

Finally, a shout out to the gorgeous Andrea.  I’ve been crushing on her instagram feed for months and now she’s started a blog. Hooray!

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