December 18, 2014

Holidaying with a capsule wardrobe

I am already completely smitten by my capsule wardrobe. imageOn Monday night I packed for 5 days away in about 10 minutes. I looked at the forecast, I thought about the different occasions that would take place while I was away and then I just packed. It was so liberating to know that everything goes together and that I have lots of options available (without getting even close to the luggage weight limit!) In addition, on top of what is pictured, I was able to throw in swimwear, running gear and a pair of heels – with room to spare. It’s unfancy and I love it.


December 15, 2014

Hello Summer Capsule Wardrobe

There has been a bit of a buzz lately about capsule wardrobes.  They definitely aren’t a new idea, but they seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment.  Years ago I put together my first capsule-ish wardrobe when I moved to the UK for the second time.  I had limited luggage space, so I really tried to only take things that would work together.  I loved the ease and simplicity of it.  As time went on and I gradually gathered more clothes over there, the capsule-ness of my wardrobe gradually disappeared and I kind of forgot about the idea almost entirely.

Fast forward three years.  There are many things that haven’t changed in that time.  I still hate trying to get dressed in the morning.  I’m not really into fashion and I’m picky about clothes.  Why can’t I just walk into a shop that stocks everything that I can picture wearing in my head?  Anyway, there has been quite a bit of talk about Caroline’s minimalist fashion blog Un-fancy  of late and I thought I might try getting back onto the capsule wardrobe bandwagon for the holidays.  I don’t go back to work until the last week in January, so this is my mini summer capsule wardrobe (for the next 6 weeks) to see if I really like it or not.

Photo Grid - Summer Capsule

Here’s what I did to create my summer capsule wardrobe:

1. Downloaded the Capsule Wardrobe Planner from Un-fancy and worked my way though it.  It was a great starting point to get me thinking about what events I had coming up, what colours I’d like to be wearing and and my ‘style’ in general.  I’m still on the ‘Bright Preppy Sparkle’ bandwagon and I decided that my summer colours (based on what I like and what I already have) would be: black, navy, white and grey with accents of pink, blue and sparkle.

2. I emptied out my entire wardrobe onto the bed.  That was fun. Dylan was out and by the time he got home, the mess was tidied away. Phew.

3. Selected all of the pieces that I really love right now and that fitted with my ‘style’ (if you can call it that) and with the colours listed above.

4. Everything that I had left on the bed that was:
(a) For cooler weather
(b) I didn’t love
(c) Is still ok but doesn’t really match anything else in the capsule
went into a basket which I then covered with a towel (to prevent it collecting dust bunnies) and I tucked it away in my wardrobe.  I’ll did it out again in February as I start to think about an autumn wardrobe.

5. Once that was done, I was left with 24 pieces.  I was aiming for 37 as suggested, but I just didn’t have enough pieces that I actually liked and feel comfortable wearing.  This means I’d got room for up to 13 more pieces that fit the brief between now and February.

6. The final step was to photograph each item and then hang them in my wardrobe so it is easy for me to see what I have to wear. (I used this to help me make the photo grid – so easy! Thanks Cathy!) This is what I ended up with:

  • 5 dresses (some dressy, some casual)
  • 10 tops (I’d like to add more, but ones I like are hard to find)
  • 6 warmer layers
  • 3 bottoms

It seems so simple.  Fingers crossed it works!  (Two days in and I’m absolutely loving it!  Less choice but more easy combinations! Win!)

December 1, 2014

The sale is on!

In case you’ve just joined me: I’m doing a special ‘Christmas Project’ this year.  Here you can find out more about how I got started and how I have progressed to this point.  (And you can now see the pencil cases listed for sale too!)

There are so many good causes out there.  When I first started thinking about this project, I knew that it was going to be focused on raising money for a cause.  We are so lucky that we have more than enough ‘stuff’ to make our lives easier, more enjoyable, better in different ways and, having just moved house, I can tell you that we definitely don’t need any more!

So when I decided to make these pencil cases, I knew that they would be making their way into the homes of other people and, if you’ve read my earlier posts, you’ll know that I decided the key was to sell them and then donate the money to a help others.  It is the season of giving, after all.

It didn’t actually take me that long to choose where to send the money.  As a teacher, I’m a firm believer in the power of education to change lives.  And working at a girls’ school, I’m particularly passionate about educating girls.  Therefore, it made sense to me to send the  profits from the sales of these pencil cases will go to support One Girl, an amazing charity based here in Melbourne who are changing the world, one girl at a time.

This is their manifesto and it really just sealed the deal for me:

Manifesto_Final1As of today, the 10 unique, handmade pencil cases are for sale in my Etsy shop.  They are $18 each (which includes postage) and will be mailed out the day after they are purchased, to try to ensure they make it to your home in time for Christmas.  They really are so bright and so sweet and would make such lovely stocking stuffers.  They are the gift that gives twice – once as a lovely pouch or pencil case for the recipient and once as a donation to One Girl.  How cool is that?

(Ps. I’ll also be donating the money from sales of all Blogger Themes available in my Etsy shop, so be sure to check those out too!)

photo 1 (4)


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