The second rental dress

The second dress went well.  Not as well as the first one, but ok.


It’s the Eleanor dress from Rent my Rack that I mentioned last week.  And just as I predicted last week, being strapless did make this dress a little bit more of a risk, because it was too big, there was always a chance that it would just fall off (and I wouldn’t be able to wear it if there was a chance of that happening!)

It was a little on the big side (I probably needed a size smaller) which meant it needed a bit of pulling up throughout the evening.  Annoying, but it wasn’t so perilous that there was a chance of it falling off.  Whilst I liked the idea of this dress better, the colour and cut wasn’t as flattering as the dress from last week, according to my mother.  (She called up and asked for a copy of the photo where I’m wearing the “pink dress with the thing at the front”.)

Again, renting did come up with the goods.  I received lots of compliments about both dresses and it is definitely something I’d do again.  It was so easy to pack the dresses up the next day and post them back for cleaning, all ready to go for the next person.

So what do you think?  Would you consider renting an outfit for your next special occasion? 


Foil-Pressed Stationery – Yes please!

Today’s story is about ticking things off my 101 in 1001 list.  I feel like I’m slowly getting there with this project.  There was a point where I felt I wasn’t getting anywhere with it, but last weekend I did a bit of an audit and I’m actually much further along than I thought I was.  I’ve achieve approximately 27 of my goals, including some that are still ongoing and some that I haven’t blogged about yet.

Yesterday I received an email from Minted.  I ordered our Christmas Cards from them this year and I’m hoping to do the same this year.  (Thinking about Christmas already, I know!)  Anyway, the email was telling me about their amazing new range of foil-pressed notecards and business cards.  Foil-pressed!  That means they are shiny and this brings me considerable excitement and joy.  Yep, show me something shiny and I’m easily pleased!

Anyway, one of the things still on my 101 list is to design and print my own stationery.  Whilst I’m not sure Minted counts entirely as designing my own stationery, I’m pretty sure that I can count getting some custom stationery made as the same thing.  Here is my shortlist from their selection of notecards:


I’m kind of torn, as they are all so pretty in their own way. I love the simplicity of 1, the fun of 2 (although it’s not foil-pressed), the pattern of 3 and the classiness of 4!  So today in the comments I’d love your opinion – help me out!  Which notecards are your favourite? (And let’s be honest, most importantly: which ones do you think are for me?)

(The links in this post are for a product I love and are also affiliate.)

We scrubbed up ok


This week, Dylan and I have two black tie events to attend.  Both are at the same venue and both happen to be with a very similar crowd.  It’s just a coincidence that they are on in the same week!  Black tie for guys is pretty straightforward (Hello, tuxedo!), but black tie for girls is trickier.  You can’t just whip out the same dress in the way that guys can with their suits (and particularly not when you’re going to be seeing the same people in the same week!)

In Australia we don’t have nearly as many opportunities for online shopping as there are in the northern hemisphere.  There is no Australian branch of Amazon, for example.  A lot of the other stores that other bloggers rave about, such as J Crew, Banana Republic and Madewell, haven’t made it down under. And shopping online in the US and getting it sent to Australia from anywhere overseas is absolutely crippling.

Sometime in the last year, I read about a US website called Rent the Runway which is a site where you can rent designer clothing for a fraction of the price that it would cost to buy it.  It’s a great idea and when I realised that I would need not one, but two formal dresses to wear this week, I wished we lived in the US to make the most of such a website.

Then I discovered that some clever folks in Australia have had the foresight to set up several sites based on a similar idea. Hooray!

The hot pinkish red Tadashi Shoji dress above came from Runway Collection and I was able to rent it for 5 days for a fraction of what it would have cost me to buy it.  After wearing it on Friday evening, I was able to put it back into a post satchel and return it to Runway Collection (who then have it cleaned and ready for the next person.) The dress arrived on Wednesday and was a great fit.

I have another dress arriving on Tuesday for the second dinner, which is on Thursday.  This second one is this Eleanor dress coming from Rent my Rack.  Even better, just for signing up to their newsletter, I got 15% off my first rental which was a win. That being said, I feel like this dress is a little more risky because it is strapless, but fingers crossed it fits as well as the first one did!

And naturally, it isn’t all glamour when you let us loose with a camera either:

_MG_0714 _MG_0718

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