November 24, 2014

Around here

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So, first things first.  We moved house.  We now live by the beach and I love it.  Runs and walks down there almost every day and it also means that we have a dishwasher (win!) and we are allowed to have a dog (double win!) The downside to moving house is that we have had masses of troubled getting the internet working and I have a longer drive to work, which has pretty much created a radio silence around here.

So, I’ve been filling my time in other ways. I’ve been listening like a maniac to Serial and I’m totally obsessed with it.  I even donated because I’m so keen to hear it keep going.  I’m also still mad for some Elise Gets Crafty and The Art of Simple. Although I have to ask: Where are you Joy the Baker and Tracy Shutterbean? I have a Joy the Baker shaped hole in my life from a lack of Joy the Baker podcast.

My Christmas cakes are looking so good (and smelling amazing!) They are still getting a weekly feed of brandy and I can’t wait to ice them in the next few weeks.  I’ve also bought nearly all of my Christmas gifts already and I’m looking forward to getting them wrapped and under the tree come December.

There are only 9 more teaching days left at school.  It is both an exciting and sad time of year.  I’m excited to meet a new class next year, but I’m will also to sad to farewell this group of students too.

I’ve also been getting into the sewing in a big way. I’ve hemmed a dress, made minky baby blanket (featuring some applique – crazy!) and I’ve even come up with an exciting craft project to keep me busy in the lead up to Christmas.  In my next post, I’m going to share my idea (it’s super fun, bright, cheerful and pictured above!) and the process that I’m going through to get it off the ground by December 1.

October 31, 2014

Giving blood

photo (13)When I was younger, Dad would always take us along with him when he went to give blood.  We didn’t mind going along because, if we sat patiently through the paperwork and the actual blood donation, we were then allowed to join him for crackers, cheese and juice at the end.  They also had lollies and we were completely mad for lollies, so that was usually a big draw card too.

Going along to give blood myself has been on my list of things to do for a long time.  I knew when I wrote my list of 101 in 1001 that giving blood would have to be on it.  To make sure that I would definitely do it, I added a second reason: to find out my blood type.  I’m 30 and I have no idea what my blood type is.  Is that common?  I feel like I should know.

Anyway, as I have been totally burning through my 101 list and really enjoying it these school holidays, I decided to go ahead and book it while I had both the time and the momentum.  The whole thing was pretty easy.  I booked it online (if you are in Australia, you can do it at and someone called me to confirm some questionnaire answers.  They had time for me to go and do it two hours later, so I had lunch, drank some water and jumped into the car.

I was a bit daunted when I arrived because there was some additional paperwork to fill out when I got there, a quick consultation interview and I was a bit worried that they would say that there would be some problem, such as possibly being anemic, that would prevent me from actually doing it.  There weren’t any problems, so I was hooked up to donate and all done within the hour.  And I just got a card in the mail telling me my blood type (Tick!)

The staff were so friendly and I was actually really pleased that I did it.  Plus there were snacks at the end, which was such a walk down memory lane.

Now I only have to do it about 150 more times to catch up to Dad.

October 29, 2014

Honey vs Hayfever

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For the last three years, I have had really bad hayfever.  Like baaaad hayfever.  It starts in early September and just goes on and on.  The one-hundred-times-a-day sneezing, the red, itchy eyes, the seriously snotty nose – I am completely fed up with the whole thing. I’ve tried all of the recommended hayfever drugs and all to no avail.

Recently, someone suggested that I try eating some local honey. Apparently eating local honey sourced from within a few kilometres of where you live can reduce the effect of hayfever. My research suggests that you should start taking a spoonful of honey each day in the lead up to spring, but I’m still hopeful that starting now might have some impact.

I bought this jar of ‘Backyard Honey’ from our local super amazing supermarket that has all sorts of unusual things. It is raw honey which means hasn’t been heated so is meant to have good anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.  The tag says that it is more effective in allergy reduction and it is made super local to us, so that is also promising.  Plus it tastes yum, which is really not surprising. So fingers are crossed!

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