Saying thank you

Today I want to express gratitude for the efforts of Sarah Von Bargen.

I came across Sarah through Elise’s podcast.  After listening, I took at look at Sarah’s website (where she makes people and businesses awesome on the Internet!) and enjoyed it so much that I decided to sign up for her newsletter.  After all, who doesn’t want to be made more awesome on the Internet, right?

Recently Sarah has released ‘Secret Weapon’ – a built-epecially-for-you checklist of ways to get more traffic to your website – and in her most recent newsletter, Sarah offered to take a look at readers’ blogs and give three action points of things that she thought would improve the traffic (and awesomeness) of the site.  You can bet that I’ve never replied to an email faster!

Today’s post is a way of saying thank you to Sarah for her thoughtful feedback.

I’m really grateful for her time and effort.

She did indeed check out my blog, my Instagram and my Pinterest and gave me three things to work on.  And they were good things. Very specific, very actionable. There are going to be more mentions of you guys, the bloggers I’m linking to.  You’re going to be able to discover more interesting pins.  You’re going to get pretty-and-header-matching-sidebar-buttons to help you find more of my posts that you might like to read (and really soon … I just need to narrow down the categories! What do you really like reading here? Tell me!)

And don’t forget to check out how Sarah could be your own personal secret weapon! 

Have a lovely weekend

photo (2)

I couldn’t help but share this picture of my amazing new bike that Dylan made for my birthday. I love it! And yep, he made it. It’s all made from recycled parts of old bikes and he spray painted it green for me. It is just divine.

Other interesting things that made me smile include:

Who knew wanting to dress like Nina Proudman was a thing?

What this father did is just amazing.

Have you seen this trick for riding a bike in a skirt without flashing everyone?

I bought this in pink last week and I’m loving it for my laptop.

When did doing things like a girl become an insult?

I have these for my 30th, but I might have to go back for these letters!

Finally, a shout out to the gorgeous Andrea.  I’ve been crushing on her instagram feed for months and now she’s started a blog. Hooray!

Getting my groove back


In the last month so many things have happened that are worth writing about.  I spent two weeks in Japan.  I turned 30.  My sister got engaged. These are big things.  They would have been so easy to post about.  They are the kind of things to write about where the posts pretty much write themselves.

Yet I didn’t write.  There are three reasons for this.

1. I’ve had a super sore neck which I suspect has come from using my laptop far too much.  Writing reports for school has taken priority over writing for fun, as I’m currently only able to spend limited time on the computer at one time.  It’s still sore, but I’m working through it by doing short stints and only writing when sitting up at the kitchen table with my laptop elevated to eye level.  Fingers crossed this helps the situation.

2. I’ve been busy living. I know that sounds funny, but what I really mean is that I’ve been living in each moment.  Soaking it in, enjoying it, embracing it and not worrying about getting just the right photo to accompany it or taking time out of my trip away to write.  I’ve been away from technology and loving it.  It has been good to have a break and refocus my priorities somewhat.

3. I wasn’t happy with the direction my writing was going.  I felt like this blog was a bit rudderless, so I’ve been spending time refining my ‘brand’, for lack of a better word.  I’ve been busy answering the question: what is all about?

I’ve been mulling over what my focus is, what I do/don’t write about and the common threads that link my posts together.  I’ve been thinking a lot about taglines. I listened to quite a bit of the Sarah R Bagley podcast while I was on trains in Japan and one of the things that stood out to me was that every single podcast she reminds listeners of her message.  It’s repeated every episode.  Listeners quickly learn that she is a recovering perfectionist, that she has been a perfectionist since elementary school and she usually gives a basic example (usually about homework or softball pitching).  Her message and angle are very clear and I like that.

I’ve been thinking about the message that I was conveying to readers and at the end of the day, I felt like it was about as clear as mud.  In order to successfully execute some of the things that I want to do (like set up a podcast and write an e-course), I felt like I needed to narrow down my posts to certain topics and think about the way that I look at others.  I want people to come here to find tips about how to live lovelier, happier lives and I want to discover those things for myself. In order to create a stronger visual brand, I’ve also been looking for ways to restyle my blog somewhat to be more memorable.  And happy.  The gray was getting me down and in the end, it was stopping me from writing.

Anyway.  What I’m saying is that I’m back in the game.  I’m fresh, refocused and so totally in love with my new header.  It’s so fun.  There will be further tweaks as the weeks go by, but for now, I’m just pleased to be passed my creative block and getting back into it in a big way.

Long live loveliness and happiness.

Ps.  If you haven’t already downloaded this app, what have you been doing?

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