October 24, 2014

Seriously Easy Rocky Road

rocky road

On Friday, one of the ladies at work brought in morning tea.  She’d made cake, meringues and rocky road.  I missed out on trying any, but the other ladies on my table couldn’t stop raving about the rocky road.  They loved it.  So naturally, at lunch time, I sat next to the lady that made it and asked for the recipe.  “It’s unbelievably easy,” she said, and listed three ingredients: 3 blocks of chocolate, a packet of marshmallows and some Starburst snakes chopped up.  On Saturday, I made my own version and she was right.  It was both easy and yum.


  • Chocolate – around 750g ish (I used Cadbury Buttons in milk)
  • Marshmallows (I used Pascall Pink & White mix)
  • Gummy lollies (Any sweets would work.  I used the Natural Confectionery Company Soft Forest Fruit jellies for mine because I love the shine when they are chopped up!  You could also try things like M&Ms, Crunchie bars, etc. Anything goes.)


  1. Prepare a tray lined with baking paper to pour your Rocky Road mixture into to refrigerate. Any size will do really.
  2. Melt your chocolate carefully.  It is really important that you avoid burning it or getting any water in your chocolate or it will go all clumpy.  Not good.  I melted mine in a pyrex bowl over a saucepan of warm water on the stove and that worked well.
  3. While your chocolate is slowly melting, roughly chop your marshmallows and other gummy lollies.
  4. When your chocolate is melted, quickly mix through your lollies and pour into your tray.
  5. Refrigerate to set.  I made mine 2 hours before I was going to a picnic and it set perfectly in that time.

October 22, 2014

Learning to meal plan

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 3.08.26 PM

Photo by Monstruo Estudio

This year, I’ve really improved at meal planning. When I was living closer to the city centre, I used to just walk to the shops whenever I needed food.  This meant that I didn’t waste much food, but it also meant that I didn’t save much money either, because I wasn’t necessarily buying things when they were on sale or in larger quantities to save money (because I didn’t have much storage space).  Plus it was easy to get sidetracked and buy things I didn’t really need.

The first step that I took to becoming better at meal planning was to start writing down what we were going to be having for dinner and which nights we would be out.  That meant that I narrowed down the number of times that I was going to the shop.

This year, living a little bit further away from the shops, I’ve taken things one step further and have pretty much got things down to one x $100 shop per week.  There is a smaller supermarket walking distance from our house if we need any top ups during the week, like milk or bread. We have started using more of what we have in our freezer and cupboards, getting things when they are on sale and more storage space has meant that we have been get them in larger quantities too.

I’ve been thinking about what our next step might be. We are moving house in about a week and a half, so part of it will depend on what our new kitchen is like storage-wise. (Yes, that’s right.  We haven’t even seen the place we are moving to. It’s exciting and a little bit crazy!)  I’m thinking, we might start working on making more of our own basics: bread, yoghurt, stock and that sort of thing.  I’m hoping we might also get more organised to start making more use of our local farmer’s markets. Buy local food that is fresh and in season. I love to eat local, but it tends to be cafes and restaurants.  I’m hoping we will be able to expand to fresh food too. (And nerd alert: Right now, I’m just in the process of evaluating the difference in cost between shops and markets and what is a ‘good price’ for different fruit and vegetables.  I’ve made an Excel chart and I’m crunching numbers big time.

Finally, I really enjoyed these two posts from Natalie talking about practices to save money in the kitchen and meal planning 101. (I didn’t know you could turn vegetable scraps into stock?  I’ve just started a ziplock bag in the freezer ready to start collecting skins and things to try this!)

October 20, 2014

One Little Word: September

photo (12) copy

photo 1 (1) copy

The goal for OLW this month was all about getting real with the true, accurate story of your word. It is often easy to make everything look beautiful and glossy online, even when the reality is far from that.  Whilst I’m loving my year of trying to live my most radiant life, it doesn’t happen every day and it certainly isn’t going to happen overnight.  It is a journey and I’m glad I’m on it.


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