April 3, 2014

12 Pieces – A Shopping Challenge

I love a good challenge and when I read about Caitlin’s one-new-piece-per-month shopping challenge, I knew that it would be something right up my alley.  I constantly feel like I have nothing to wear and back in January I had a big wardrobe clean-out to narrow down what I really own to pieces I actually wear.  Then, after hearing about Caitlin’s challenge, on a bit of a whim I have to admit, I decided to give it a go.

Now please, excuse the photos.  As I’ve said before, I’m definitely not a fashion blogger.  This is the best I could come up with using my Canon on a gorilla pod, placed on top of a strategically placed wheelie-bin near a wall at our house, and using a remote.onceamonthpurchases

So, clearly I’ve made the first three purchases of my year.

1. A pair of black work trousers.  When I cleaned out my wardrobe I realised that I didn’t own any work trousers (or any trousers come to that, apart from jeans), so these became my first purchase.  I had to try on lots of pairs to get a really comfortable pair that aren’t made of some flimsy, clingy material, but I think I’ve done it in this pair from Jacqui E.

2. A pair of patterned trousers.  Filling another trouser-shaped-hole in my wardrobe. These are my first pair ever and I’m really warming to them!

3. This dress.  We are going to a wedding in April and when I saw this dress back in January, it was love.  But with a $330 price tag, I just couldn’t justify it. Fast forward three months and the ‘Weather Girl’ dress was on serious sale.  Yes please!

I’m not sure exactly sure what my next purchase will be, apart from the fact it will be something warm.  The weather has turned quite autumnal here, so I’m thinking a woolly jumper or even a fur trim vest would both be very cosy come winter.

What would be on your ‘must have for winter’ list??

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9 thoughts on “12 Pieces – A Shopping Challenge

  1. Anne

    Ooof, this 12 pieces policy would be really hard for me to stick to, but I think it’s a great idea – I’m always trying to be more intentional about my purchases and trying to buy only things I really love rather than on impulse (and frequently failing at it!), and this would certainly make you think… Your purchases so far seem really smart. Both trousers look great on!
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